TV SEVENTEEN is a TV broadcasting corporation, born from the womb of the 17th of October’s people’s uprising.

Seventeeners are a group of goal oriented media professionals, believing in building a better Lebanon and fighting against corruption.

After the blast that shook our beloved capital Beirut, we developed a group of enthusiastic volunteers, in the light of serving our community. We seventeeners are roaming the streets of Beirut and its suburbs to provide comfort, help, financial and moral support for those who were affected by the catastrophic explosion.

Based on the forced absence of the Lebanese “corrupted” government, we believe that we as youth volunteers are responsible in rebuilding our beautiful Lebanon. Together we stand hand in hand to attain the best outcome out of our country.

This message is directed to every single individual seeking and dreaming of a better Lebanon, unity is what we need now more than ever! So we as Seventeeners are calling for you to donate whatever you can provide, to help us succeed in our mission in replacing our missing hibernating government during this horrifying time our country is passing through.